Microfibre cloths ‘can reduce chances of swirl marks’

Poor washing and drying techniques can do more damage to a car's bodywork than any amount of stones and grit from the road.

Drivers who have noticed their vehicle is covered in swirl marks may be responsible for a large percentage of them, with the wrong tools and approach one of the most likely reasons for the tired-looking exterior.

There are steps that motorists can take to reduce the chances of this occurring, with microfibre cloths being one of the solutions.

The boys at Victory Detailing recently used them to dry off a Corvette to ensure the hard work they had put into washing it was not ruined.

"We dried the car down with fresh microfibre towels to prevent adding swirl marks to the car's paint," the team noted.

Detailing enthusiast Ryan Riegel made a similar point to Your News Now recently, stating that microfibre cloths can prevent small and large scratches by not trapping lint like other products do.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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