Microfibre cloths ‘are the best thing for drying cars’

Washing vehicles with car shampoo is essential but equally important is drying it with the right towel and there is nothing better for the job than microfibre cloths.

That is according to Randal O'Dell, a detailing expert and owner of O'Dell's Body Shop, who told TimesRecordNews that when it comes to car exterior care, there are certain items which are must haves.

Car shampoo, car waxes and microfibre cloths are essential products, with Mr O'Dell stating that washing a car once a week and waxing it four times a year will provide sufficient protection.

He stated that it is important to dry with the right items, otherwise drivers could end up undoing all of their good work by scratching the paint.

Microfibre cloths are his recommendation, although motorists need to follow certain rules to ensure they work properly.

"Wash it out good with water only because soap particles can dry in the cloth and scratch the paint job," he told the news provider.

The team at the bavauto blog for BMW and Mini enthusiasts recently gave similar advice to a reader, telling them that they will lift surface contaminants off without damaging the bodywork.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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