Microfibre cloths a good way to dry and polish?

After cleaning a vehicle with car shampoo and clay bars, the next step is to dry it ready for waxing.

It may seem like a simple task but drying must be done properly and with the right materials, otherwise drivers can end up doing more harm than good.

For example, owners should never, under any circumstances, uses an old rag or tea towel for the job, as these retain contaminants and drivers will run these across their bodywork and scratch their paint.

According to Victory Detailing, microfibre cloths are the way forward.

The team recently wiped down an S-Type Jaguar and were happy with the job they did.

"We dried the vehicle down using new and soft microfibre towels. The microfibre we use is super absorbent and does not leave any film behind. Using new and premium microfibre is always a treat," the company said.

Ricochet's Rapid Detail recently warned drivers that poor washing and drying techniques can leave swirl marks on the car.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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