Men who love their cars ‘more likely to be aggressive drivers’

Men who spend hours on end applying car waxes and car polishes may be more aggressive drivers, it has been claimed.

Ayalla Ruvio, assistant professor of marketing at Temple University Fox School of Business, carried out a study which suggested gents who see vehicles as an extension of themselves are more likely to break the law, the Daily Mail reports.

The research – published in the Journal of Psychology and Marketing – revealed that motorists who view a car as part of their identity are less considerate of other road users and are hostile to people imposing on space they see as theirs.

"We know men tend to be more aggressive drivers and we know men tend to see their cards as an extension of themselves more than women," Ms Ruvio noted.

Research from found that ladies see car maintenance as a man's job and are prepared to let their better half take charge of such tasks.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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