Men ‘keep their cars cleaner than women’

Male drivers are 34 per cent more likely to keep their cars clean than their female counterparts, according to a new study.

Research by insurance firm Diamond shows that 61 per cent of men clean their vehicles at least once a month, with 46 per cent of women doing so.

It also suggests that men are more likely to use car exterior care products like car wax and car shampoo, as more males than females say they are most concerned with the appearance of the outside of their motors, with women seeing the tidiness of the interior as more important.

Nevertheless, one-eighth of female drivers reveal that they feel embarrassed at how untidy the inside of their cars are.

Motoring journalist and author Maria McCarthy suggests that the results may come as a surprise to many.

"Out of men and women, I'm sure many people would think women are the cleaner and tidier but when it comes to our vehicles, it's clear we're certainly not as car proud as men," she remarks.

Earlier this year, a poll by Swinton found that one-fifth of women drivers have never cleaned the inside of their vehicles.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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