Meguiars Slide Lock Brush ‘is a great tool for detailing’

Meguiars Slide Lock Brush 'is a great tool for detailing'

Drivers planning to invest in car cleaning brushes may wish to purchase a Meguiars Slide Lock Detail Brush, which has been described as a must-have detailing tool.

According to an entry on Articles Directory from CarCleaningGuru, the brush can be used for both interior and exterior care, with its special design meaning it will not damage any area of the vehicle.

One of the best features of the Meguiars Slide Lock Detail Brush is the collar which adjusts the flexibility of the bristles, making it a multi-functional tool and an essential item for those who want to do a thorough job on their motor.

“The Meguiars Slide Lock Brush is a great tool for cleaning and detailing various areas of your car. It is tough, versatile, long lasting, safe to use on all surfaces and most importantly removes the need for multiple brush types,” the entry stated.

Buying the Meguiars Slide Lock Brush and detailing a car at home rather than taking it to a professional company can save drivers considerable amounts of money, according to a recent post on the Top Cool Cars blog.

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