Meguiar Gold Class ‘is a five-star car shampoo’

Man washing carThose unsure which car shampoo will give their vehicle the best finish may want to try Meguiar’s G7101 Gold Class, which always gets top marks from reviewers, it has been claimed.

According to a post on, many people opt for the first thing they see and then wonder why their paintwork does not boast the shine that they were hoping for.

It is important to invest in a good-quality car shampoo, the entry states, as cheap alternatives can leave residue and water spots as well as stain or discolour the bodywork.

"[Meguiar’s G7101 Gold Class] always gets five-star reviews from anyone who uses it. It is made of rich conditioning oils that rejuvenate the paint of your vehicle and helps to bring out its natural glow," the blog post adds.

When using car shampoo, it is best to wash the vehicle from the top to the bottom, according to Shane Watson, writing on the Car Guide.

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