Liquid wax ‘is preferred by detailing professionals’

Car waxes are some of the most important car exterior care products available to drivers but it is important to select the right solution to get the job done well.

According to an entry on, waxing a car is essential in providing the paint with an extra layer of protection against grit and dirt and motorists should be under no illusions as to how important it is.

To get the best results, drivers must consider the colour they need as well as the substance they want, with the blog recommending carnauba waxes for the way they protect against contaminants.

The source went on to add that professional detailers tend to prefer liquid waxes and stated that they are easy to apply and remove with a microfibre cloth.

Tony Banham, from The Car Clinic, wrote in the Leader recently that drivers must only apply car waxes after they have washed their car thoroughly.

Posted by Simone Williams

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