Learners ‘paying over the odds by going for driving lessons with parents’

Newly-qualified drivers may be keen to look after their new vehicle by investing in car air fresheners and wheel cleaners, yet many could have paid more than they needed to in order to take to the road.

According to the Driving Instructors Association, fewer people are taking driving lessons with professional instructors as a result of the recession.

Olivia Baldock, a training coordinator at the group, said this has led to many being taught by their parents or other members of the family instead.

However, she warned that this may not ultimately help them save money in the long run.

"People have to spend a lot more as they do not get the right training and end up having to take more tests," Ms Baldock commented.

This comes after the CBI suggested new motorists could save hundreds of pounds a year if they were taught to drive in a more energy-efficient manner.

Posted by Simone Williams

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