Keeping a car clean ‘will help it look new for longer’

Washing the carIt is important motorists keep their vehicle looking clean by using car shampoo, wax and microfibre cloths, as a shiny car will look new for longer, it has been claimed.

According to a post on, both the interior and the exterior should be maintained as much as possible.

Keeping the outside of the car looking fresh involves "properly washing and waxing the vehicle, cleaning the tires and wheels and applying protective products to the paint and tires".

The interior requires stain remover, vacuuming, dusting and polishing, the website adds.

Those whose cars come with leather seats should apply specific leather protectors to prolong their life, the source goes on to say.

It is important to give both the inside and the outside a thorough clean before trying to sell a car, Ronald Kresten, from, wrote on

By cleaning the vehicle with car shampoo and applying car wax, motorists can help bump the price up a little.

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