Keeping a car clean ‘fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment’

Keeping a car clean with clay bars, car shampoo and micofibre cloths not only protects it as an investment, it also fosters a sense of pride in the owner.

That is according to Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council, who said that for a small amount of effort motorists can enjoy significant rewards.

"Keeping your vehicle clean not only protects your valuable vehicle investment, it also fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment. It's a task that takes very little money or effort, but has huge returns," he stated.

On the exterior, the expert said that the rims need to be given proper attention, meaning alloy wheel cleaners and tyre cleaners could be a good investment.

Using dedicated car care products and applying them in the shade is also essential to creating a good look, Mr White noted.

Mike Pennington, director of training at Meguiar's, said recently that vehicles can look new for years provided drivers invest in the right tools for cleaning and maintaining them, the Hot Rod blog reported.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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