Keeping a car clean ‘can cut fuel consumption’

As well as making a vehicle look good, car shampoo and car waxes can also help motorists cut their fuel consumption.

That is according to Graeme Fletcher, from the National Post, who cited a study from the Colorado state government which showed that washing and waxing a vehicle will slash fuel consumption by as much as seven per cent.

"We've all experienced the sensation – a car seems to perform better and run smoother after a good wash and wax. Well, there might be some truth to this old myth," he stated.

Mr Fletcher went on to add that the reason why car detailing makes a difference to overall fuel consumption has to do with improved aerodynamics.

According to an article on the Hub Garage website, Meguiar's Gold Class Clear Coat Wax does an excellent job of protecting a car's paint and also produces a shine so spectacular that it can be described as showroom quality.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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