Jaguar sets off on US road trip

A beautifully polished Jaguar XF 2.2 litre diesel has set off on a journey of a lifetime around the United States.

The car left New York on Tuesday morning (November 8th) and aims to arrive in Los Angeles, California seven days later – a trip which spans more than 2,800 miles and takes in the scenery of 11 states.

British test drivers Alexander and David Madgwick are at the helm, and the purpose of the journey is to test just how economical the car's four cylinder engine is.

The standard model, which can still achieve torque of 332 lbs ft and hit top speeds of 140 MPH, was shipped from Jaguar's HQ in Coventry, making it the first ever diesel the car manufacturer has had in the United States.

A tracking device has been fitted and interest parties can follow its progress by visiting Jaguar's Facebook and Twitter pages, where new images will be posted each day.

Posted by Simone Williams

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