Insect splats ‘damage car paint just as much as bird droppings’

The importance of investing in bug cleaner has been highlighted by new research which shows insect splats are just as damaging to a car's paint job as bird droppings.

According to research by Autoglym, dead bugs have the same levels of acidity as bird faeces and any which are left on the bodywork will begin to eat away at the lacquer protecting the paint.

The company employed the help of Tom Chilton and his team AON Ford Focus to drive around Snetterton race circuit in Norfolk at 144.5 mph and then used its Active Insect Remover on the dead insects.

It found that the bug cleaner worked extremely well in removing the bugs and Paul Caller, chief executive at Autoglym, urged motorists to remove insects from their paint as soon as possible.

"Acidic deposits – bug splats and bird lime – can begin to degrade lacquer after just ten minutes," he said.

Mr Caller also recommended using premium car waxes to offer a further level of protection.

Freelance writer Phil Reusch made a similar point in an entry on Ezine Articles, claiming that dead insects can cause significant damage to a car's paint job if left untreated.

Posted by Simone Williams

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