Ideal Christmas gifts for those that love their cars.

With Christmas fast approaching you may be thinking of buying your loved one a present for their loved one – their car.

Many car enthusiasts spend the weekend cleaning and waxing their prized possession with the best cloths and car shampoo around so surely it makes sense to buy them a Christmas prezzie that aids them in their enjoyment.

US website has produced a handy little list of car-related gifts your loved one is sure to adore.

As you would expect, the list features many products that are available only in the states so we've decided to look at the recommendations for products they've made that can be purchased on this side of the pond.

Riding high on the list is glass cleaner. PhillyBurbs says that keeping glass clean is a difficult task so your car obsessed loved on needs a cleaner that is up to the job and leaves the glass as clear as crystal.

Clay bars are another gift the website is keen to suggest. As all car owners know, weather will eventually take its toll on your beautiful finish. Clay bars will smooth and clean up your body work, taking years of your car's appearance.

One none car cleaning product they suggest is a Garmin GPS 265 Sat Nav.

They say: "No matter where you go or how good someone's sense of direction may be, you can never go wrong with a GPS. If you have a big traveller this is a must gift to give. This would make a great gift for the men in your family that refuse to ask for directions."

A few years back people were generally weary of using satellite navigations systems and stories of them sending people the wrong way down one-way streets were commonplace, but now they are an essential item for anyone hitting the road.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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