Hyundai i10 is ideal cure for January blues

After the expense of Christmas has passed many motor enthusiasts will want to go out in January and treat themselves to a nippy little run-around.
Well the new economical Hyundai i10 may just fit the bill.

Nicknamed “the Blue”, it emits carbon emissions of just 99g per km and drivers in the capital will be pleased to know that it is exempt from the London Congestion Charge and Emission Zone restrictions.

That makes it the only car on the market in the UK to achieve this for less than £10,000.

Managing what gear is the most effective for lower fuel use is easy also as its innovative ECO Drive indicator tells you the best time to change gears.

And that’s not all, it’s a full £1000 cheaper than Hyundai’s old 1.2L classic model.

Recently Top Gear described it as “Another impressive stride forward for Hyundai, if only because it feels so much better built than the older fair.”

Time possibly to get your wallet and car polish at the ready in the New Year then?

Posted by Simone Williams

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