Hydra Flexi blades and microfibre cloths recommended for drying cars

When it comes to drying a car hydra flexi blades and microfibre cloths are the best tools to use.

Baber Khan, writing for Pakwheels.com, said that when it comes to car exterior care, there are a number of items drivers should have, which include car shampoo, car waxes, microfibre cloths and hydra flexi blades.

He stressed that under no circumstances should motorists think that a tea towel will suffice, as not only are they coarse and damaging to the paint work, they also absorb a lot less than alternative products.

Mr Khan said that his detailing regime involves using hydra flexi blades to get rid of the majority of water and then wipes the body down with a microfibre cloth to finish the job.

One area of the car which must be dried thoroughly to avoid water spots and streaks is the windscreen.

According to the Institute of Advanced Motorists, a dirty windscreen can make the sun's glare even more dangerous to drivers, meaning the glass must be cleaned and dried thoroughly.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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