Huge pollen cloud ‘could cause serious damage to cars’

Millions of cars could be damaged by a huge acidic pollen cloud making its way across Europe unless drivers use car shampoo and remove it immediately.

The birch pollen cloud has already reached Germany and left its mark on vehicles there.

German authorities have advised citizens to wash the pollen from their cars immediately, as the acidity will see it damage painted surfaces over time.

Klaus Herdemertens, a car paint specialist in Germany, said that drivers should carry out a full wash with car shampoo and do a thorough job.

"The car should be washed thoroughly and not just wiped, otherwise the pollen will stick to the car," he added.

Using car waxes could give the paint some added protection against the pollen, however, drivers should not go overboard when applying it.

Roy Vazquez, head of detailing at the Yucca Valley Chrysler Centre, told the Desert Trail recently that a build-up of wax on the bodywork is not something motorists should be looking for.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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