Household cleaning materials ‘will do more harm than good to a car’

Under no circumstances should drivers be tempted to use household cleaners in place of car care products, as they can cause a great deal of damage.

According to Deutshce Press-Agentur, sponges and cloths found in supermarkets are unsuitable for use on a car's bodywork as they can end up scratching it, meaning motorists may want to invest in microfibre cloths.

Alloy wheel cleaner should also be employed for the wheels, as household cleaners do not have the correct chemical balance and can damage the surface of the rims.

The same is true of the upholstery, with dedicated car leather cleaner the best way forward.

"Using normal household cleaning liquids and the wrong polishing tools for the car can wreak havoc with the paintwork and upholstery," the company added.

Paul Normyle, founder of vehicle preparation company Shine, told the Daily Telegraph recently that car exterior care products will pay for themselves when the time comes to sell a vehicle.

Posted by James Robson

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