Hosing down ‘the first step in car exterior cleaning’

Before breaking out the wash mitts and car shampoo, there is one other job that needs to be done to ensure the finish is as good as can be.

The very first step in any exterior detailing job is to use the hose pipe and hose the car down from top to bottom.

Fine particles will be deposited on the bodywork of the vehicle and if the owner does not rinse them off before washing, they risk wiping them against the paint and causing minute scratches.

And when motorists come to apply car waxes, they will notice the shine is not what they had hoped for, according to James Baggot, from Autoblog UK.

"These scratches will make your paint look dull and hazy in time, putting off buyers when you try to sell," he added.

Investing in a pressure washer could prove a wise move, with What Car? recently praising the Karcher K3.550 for its level of performance.

Posted by Matt Casson

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