Highly-polished aluminium wheels ‘are the hardest to care for’

Highly-polished aluminium wheels may look the business as the car goes down the road, but keeping them in tip-top condition is far from easy, one expert has claimed.

Michael Stoops, from Meguiar's, told AOL Autos that when it comes to washing a motor, it is best to start with the rims and tyres, as this is one way to avoid splashing more grit and dirt onto the bodywork after it has already been cleaned.

The expert said that the key to getting this right is knowing what sort of rims are on the car and choosing wheel cleaners designed to protect them.

"Wheel cleaning products vary in the level of how delicate they are on a finish. Chrome is hardy, but bare, aftermarket, highly-polished aluminium isn't – in fact, it's the most difficult to care for. Factory wheels, those your car was born with, are always clear coated in some way, but once you go aftermarket you need to watch out," Mr Stoops noted.

Other tools the detailer recommends include car wash mitts and car cleaning brushes, with the latter useful for reaching awkward places such as the brake callipers.

Another tip offered by the expert is to clean the rims while they are relatively shiny anyway rather than waiting for dirt to build up on them.

The guys at Victory Detailing recently had to deal with a set of chrome wheels that had seen better days and needed some new life breathing into them.

They stated that in order to get rid of brake dust and other contaminants that had baked on to the metal, they employed chrome wheel cleaner which gently removed the dirt and grit and restored the rims to their original glory.

According to the team, they had to spend extra time taking care of the wheels, such was the poor condition they were in.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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