Hand washing ‘the most popular way to clean a car’

When it comes to maintaining the look of their cars, the majority of people in Britain prefer to invest in car shampoo, microfibre cloths and scratch remover and do the job themselves.

According to research by ContractHireAndLeasing.com, 47 per cent of motorists pull out the bucket and wash mitts and clean their vehicle at home, with a further 13 per cent claiming that they delegate the work to somebody else in their family.

Just over one-third said they take their motor to a car wash service of some description.

The most popular is hand car washes, cited by 15 per cent of 1792 respondents, while 14 per cent said they use automatic car washing machines to get the job done.

However, not everybody in the UK cleans their vehicle, with the research showing that six per cent of road users never bother to hose it down and get rid of all the dirt that has built up.

Richard Lawton, spokesperson for the website, said that the traditional method of cleaning a car oneself is still the most popular.

"Even with the explosion of hand car wash businesses in recent years, it still seems that for most people, washing the car on a fine day is an enjoyable pastime," he noted.

Mr Lawton went on to add that it is important to clean one's vehicle on a regular basis for two reasons.

First, it will help the owner secure a better price when the time comes to sell it, while the second point to bear in mind is that of safety, with clean headlights more effective than those caked in mud.

Waynne Smith, senior partner at TorqueCars.com, said recently that wheels should be cleaned once a week so brake dust and other contaminants do not ruin them.

He added that such substances are harder to remove the longer they are left on the alloys.

Posted by Simone Williams

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