Hand washing ‘the best way to remove contaminants’

There are those who enjoy the convenience of an automatic car wash to get dirt and grime off their vehicles but these machines may not deliver the best finish and could in fact do more harm than good.

The abrasive bristles may lift muck from the bodywork but they can also leave minute scratches on the surface and when these are added together they can dull the paint and spoil the overall look of the motor.

By taking the time to use car shampoo, clay bars and car waxes, drivers can give their paint job the tender loving care it needs and ensure that no harm is done.

According to Ricochet Dave, from Ricochet's Rapid Detail, this is the only way to go.

"Hand washing your car's paint often is the best way to remove contaminants," the expert added.

A similar point was recently made by Mauricio Mora, co-owner and general manager at Brothers Hand Car Wash, who told Evergreen Park Patch that cleaning a vehicle by hand will ensure a better finish.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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