Hand washing ‘is preferable to a machine wash’

With people's finances stretched there is the temptation to cut back on areas such as car washing but an expert has stated that this is a false economy.

Mauricio Mora, co-owner and general manager at Brothers Hand Car Wash, told Evergreen Park Patch that cleaning a vehicle by hand with car shampoo and clay bars will leave a better finish and also cause less damage than a machine.

He stated that many drivers think a cheap automatic wash will deliver the same results when the truth is quite different.

"That's not good because cheap car washes scratch car paint. We recommend washing cars by hand," Mr Mora told the news provider.

Jim Travers, writing for ConsumerReports.org, said recently that another benefit of washing a car manually is that it allows the owner to inspect the bodywork for dents and nicks, which can then be repaired using car scratch remover and other suitable products.

Posted by James Robson

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