Hand washing ‘allows drivers to check their vehicles for bumps and nicks’

As well as delivering a better finish, washing a car by hand is also a good way to inspect it for damage to the paint and other areas.

Jim Travers, writing for ConsumerReports.org, stated that with the weather improving many motorists will be giving their vehicles a spring clean.

By using car shampoo and car waxes themselves, motorists can ensure that their cars are given a thorough going over without fear of scratches which can occur from the abrasive bristles used at automatic washes.

In addition, doing the job by hand means a detailed inspection of the bodywork can be carried out.

"Hand washing in the driveway is an excellent opportunity to see if any nicks or dings from the ravages of winter need further attention – like a loose trim piece, or maybe a ding that warrants some touch-up paint," Mr Travers added.

According to an entry on the FindMyLocal.com.au blog, motors should be cleaned on a regular basis and drivers should not wait for them to be caked in mud before breaking out the wash mitts.

Posted by Simone Williams

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