Great detailing ‘does not need to cost the earth’

Some people spend significant amounts of money having their cars detailed by professionals who do a painstaking job of removing every bit of grit and dirt they can find.

While investing in a thorough job is a good idea, drivers do not have to spend hundreds or even thousands on an expensive detailing regime.

In fact, one person who did that came to regret it after the team he hired to do the work made a complete mess of it and left his motor looking worse than it did before they touched it.

The guys from Victory Detailing were recently called out to reinvigorate a black Toyota 4Runner that had seen better days.

It turned out that the reason why the vehicle looked so tired was because of a botched detailing job a year ago and the owner wanted the experts to bring it back to life, which is what they did.

They explained that a full paint correction would have cost a fortune and instead did the same amount of work but for a lot less using car shampoo, clay bars and car sealants.

"We started by washing the car down to remove all dirt and surface contaminants. Next, we took a clay bar to all painted surfaces to level the paint and bring it back to a bare state. We washed the car again to rinse off the excess dirt that had been lifted by the clay," the team said.

Afterwards, they dried the Toyota down with microfibre cloths before applying a special car sealant, which gave the black paint a deep "wet look" after it was removed.

According to Ricochet's Rapid Detail, drivers must not ignore the effects that corrosive brake dust can have on their rims, meaning alloy wheel cleaner is something motorists may wish to invest in.

Posted by James Robson

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