Glass cleaning ‘should be left to the end’

Effective car detailing involves careful planning and top-class products and drivers should not look to cut any corners when it comes to either of these two points.

Methodology is crucial if the vehicle is to look the best it possibly can, which is why owners must think ahead before they begin.

For instance, the bodywork should be cleaned before the wheels to prevent any run-off car shampoo and water dirtying them after they have already been seen to.

The same is true of the windows, as washing them first could see them become dirty again with other substances.

According to Minggu, writing for the kemPlink Auto Detailing blog, it is wise to bear this in mind.

"I would recommend you leave this step for last – most of the other products you use on the interior might leave a residue or overspray on the glass. Use a good glass cleaner formulated for automotive care," the writer added.

International AERO Products recently recommended that drivers clean the glass in different directions inside and out so they can easily identify which side any streaks are on.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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