Give your car a spring clean

Drivers may require car shampoo and car wax if they are going to take heed of the advice of one blogger.

In a piece for Autoblog, Martyn Collins advised motorists to give their vehicle a spring clean now that the season is well and truly on its way and the snow is a "distant memory".

He added: "So now that the days are longer and warmer it's time to show some love to your car."

With the days now lighter in the evenings it might even give people a bit more time to pay attention to making their motor look nice.

Mr Collins stated his car is in fairly good condition, however he admitted it had minimal use during the winter weather in December.

But those who did frequently drive their vehicle in the snow during December and January may want to give it a clean to remove any debris picked up during the winter period.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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