Get your car ready for spring, motorists advised

Drivers should break out the car brushes and inspect their motor before taking a road trip this month, it has been claimed.

Writing for the Toronto Sun, columnist Jill Ellis claimed it is a good idea to ensure the vehicle is clean and safe before taking to the road in March.

She consulted Scott Perkin, owner of Ontario-based company Scotty's Shine Shop, who claimed that mould can often be a big problem in vehicles with carpet.

He was unsurprised to hear recent research found more bacteria lurks on the inside of cars than in a household toilet.

Mr Perkin advised taking a vacuum to the interior and then tackling the mould with heat.

"Leave the windows open in a heated garage," he said. "You can also blow the car heaters on the carpet to help dry them."

Last week, a Powersheen blog post claimed that tyre cleaners should be used to make a vehicle's rubber look good as new.

Posted by Matt Casson

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