Ford issues guidance on car cleaning

The good people at Ford have offered drivers tips on how they can make the inside and outside of their vehicle look as good as new.

According to the manufacturer, there are several advantages to breaking out the car shampoo and wash mitts and giving a vehicle a thorough going over, with exercise and time in the sunshine just two of them.

With regards to the exterior, the company recommends hosing the car down thoroughly to get rid of any loose surface contaminants and to make sure the bodywork is wet before any cleaning products are applied.

The next point is to use car shampoo and not regular household soaps, as these can do more harm than good.

"Even a mild dishwashing liquid can strip wax protection and possibly cause waterspotting concerns," said Gerry Bonanni, senior engineer of Paint and Body Repair at the firm.

Following this, drivers should apply car waxes to protect all of the hard work they have put in to making the paint work shine.

On the inside, motorists need to wipe down the instrument panels and dashboard to get rid of dust and other debris that has built up.

Moving on to the carpets, the company stated that thorough vacuuming is required before using tar remover and grease remover to clean up stubborn marks.

Car leather cleaner is also something that motorists with leather seats can employ, as these will clean and protect them.

According to Vlad Samarin, editor of, stone chips and scratches must be treated as soon as possible, otherwise drivers could find they become worse over time and the bill for repairing them is larger than it needed to have been.

He also offered tips on removing bird droppings, recommending drivers keep car cleaning bottles full of water to hand and spray the affected area before wiping down and cleaning thoroughly at a more opportune moment.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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