Failing to detail classic cars ‘will see them deteriorate in storage’

Owners of classic cars may believe that storing them away for the winter means that they are protected from damage from the elements, however, failing to prepare the vehicle before locking it way can cause even more problems.

The Daily Telegraph's classic car specialist Andrew English stated that maintaining classic cars is not a straightforward process and there are many things to do and products to use.

Motorists need to invest in car waxes, car polishes, car leather care solutions to ensure the vehicle is given the correct level of protection.

"Wash the coachwork, spray-clean the underside and leave the car to dry in the open air … then wax-polish the exterior and leave the wax on to help prevent paintwork from deteriorating," Mr English stated.

If the car is to be stored in a damp garage, the expert recommended using car leather care products such as car leather shampoo and conditioner to stop fungi growing on the seats and other surfaces.

Amanda, writing on behalf of Robert's Auto, stated in a recent entry on that clay bars, microfibre cloths, car polish and car wax are all essential items when it comes to caring for a classic motor.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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