Experts use chrome wheel cleaners to shake off brake dust

Alloy wheels can transform how a car looks which is why they are often an optional extra.

If drivers have shelled out on them then they must take steps to look after them and protect their investment.

As they are so close to the road surface, they are susceptible to scratches and gouges from stones and other road debris, while another bug threat is brake dust.

The latter comes off hot and cools on the surface of the metal, meaning it can be difficult to remove.

Alloy wheel cleaners are the best solution for the job, but those with chrome wheels will need to use a specific product for top results.

The guys at Victory Detailing recently used chrome wheel cleaner on a client's rims and said they came up great.

"While washing the car we spent extra time on the chrome rims, as brake dust had covered them completely," the experts noted.

Jim Dvorak, from Mothers Polish, told the Hartford Courant recently that drivers should use car plastic polish on their headlights every eight weeks or so.

Posted by James Robson

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