Expert: Stay away from soft touch car washes

Savvy drivers will invest in car shampoo, car sealants and car polish and clean their vehicles themselves rather than go to a soft touch car wash, an expert has said.

Marc Harris, from Auto Lavish, wrote on the Detailed Image blog that by using the right products and techniques, motorists can ensure their car is clean and protected from the harsh winter elements.

He stated that people should steer clear of drive-through soft touch car washes, as these will leave their paint "swirled and dull", while hand-wash facilities which use "questionable mystery products" should also be given a wide berth.

"Not only are these products bad for your plastic and rubber over time, they'll strip off any wax or sealant you still have on your finish," Mr Harris went on to add.

Paul Caller, chief executive officer at Autoglym, recently urged drivers not to fall into the trap of investing in artificially cheap car cleaning products in the belief they will be just as effective as more expensive varieties.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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