Expert recommends ‘power washing’ vehicles

Now that the weather is improving, drivers must get their motors ready for the warm months ahead and part of that process is removing the remnants of the cold winter.

John Lehman, managing owner of Ziebart, told, that the salt underneath the vehicle needs to be removed to avoid it causing any long-term damage.

While applying car waxes and car polishes is something drivers will likely to do to take advantage of the sunshine, it is important not to neglect the areas of the vehicle which they cannot see, meaning salt and grit must be tackled on the undercarriage.

"Power wash it off, power wash the underside of the vehicle, get a good vacuum, get a hot wash steam clean on the inside of the vehicle to get all the salt off," Mr Lehman told the news provider.

Not-for-profit organisation CAA South Central Ontario recently advised drivers to keep mirrors and windows clear with glass cleaner and urged them to remove any salt residues from the vehicle.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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