Expert recommends Meguiars detailing products

Those looking to put together a selection of items to form the perfect detailing kit may want to follow the advice of one expert and invest in Meguiars' products.

Rob MacGregor told a reader of the Globe and Mail that Meguiars Ultimate Paste Wax should be included, as it can be used in small amounts and be applied in direct sunlight.

Meguiars' Ultimate Quik Wax is another solution worth looking into, as according to the expert, it is an effective product to use in between full-blown wax jobs.

"[It] works great to pump up the gloss and depth of paint finishes right after washing," Mr MacGregor noted.

He also recommended investing in microfibre cloths, using one for each different area of the car. recently revealed a list of ten car wash commandments, one of which was not using washing-up liquid in place of car shampoo at any time.

Posted by Matt Casson

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