Expert recommends dual-orbital buffer for car wax application

Applying car waxes properly is a time-consuming process but there are steps drivers can take to speed it up a bit.

Ryan Riegel, a detailing enthusiast, told Your News Now that a dual-orbital buffer is the way forward, along with high-quality waxes.

According to the expert, there are certain tips motorists must bear in mind to ensure they get the desired results.

"It applies the pad to the flat surface of the vehicle … you never really want to set it between a door and the corner panel, right where wax can get in there," he stated.

Mr Riegel went on to note that using car waxes is essential if drivers are to protect their bodywork against grit and other elements which can scratch and decolour it.

The kemPlink Auto Detailing blog made a similar point recently regarding orbital buffers, claiming that they are a great tool for applying car polishes.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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