Expert recommends car plastic polish for headlight cleaning

As the headlights are such an important feature on a car, drivers must ensure that not only do they work but do so to the best of their abilities.

And according to Jim Dvorak, from Mothers Polish, the best way of doing this is by investing in car plastic polish and giving them the once over.

Speaking to the Hartford Courant, the expert said that every owner at some point will have to deal with cloudy headlights which reduce the output of the bulb and can be dangerous if left untreated.

Motorists have two ways of dealing with the issue – pay to have the lens and shield replaced or use car plastic polish.

In Mr Dvorak's opinion, the latter is the way to go.

"Use a plastic polish – a headlight specific polish – every time you wax your car, every eight to 12 weeks. When you wax your car, protect your headlights," the expert went on to say.

According to Ricochet's Rapid Detail, washing, waxing and polishing are the three most important parts of car detailing.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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