Expert recommends alloy wheel cleaner to get rid of brake dust

A detailing expert has told one motorist that using alloy wheel cleaners and then a protectant can make it easier to get rid of black flecks of brake dust which can stick to the rims.

Mike Herzing, publisher and editor of Let's Talk Wheels, answered a question from a driver on Sport City's Toyota Blog about why her front wheels in particular are always discoloured.

He stated that the black flecks are a by-product of the pads wearing against the brake rotor, with the material heating up, coming off, burning and sticking to the alloys.

To get rid of the problem, Mr Herzig said the best course of action is to use an alloy wheel cleaner followed by a protectant, which will get rid of the marks and make the rims easier to clean in the future.

An entry on the Fixing Cars blog stated recently that tyre cleaner should also be used in order to make the wheels look beautiful and to protect the rubber from the elements.

Posted by Simone Williams

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