Expert offers alloy wheel cleaning tips

Investing in alloy wheel cleaners and car brushes is a must when it comes to maintaining rims but during the winter there are several things to think about besides the products used, an expert has claimed.

David Lee, owner of LA Detail, told Metro Canada that when temperatures begin to touch freezing extra care has to be taken so drivers do not do more harm than good when cleaning their alloys.

He warned that motorists should keep their eyes open for when the water begins to ice up on the wheels or on the car brushes being used, as this can cause serious damage if missed.

It is also something people need to watch out for when cleaning the rest of the vehicle.

"You don't want to be scrubbing frozen grit and salt over your car," Mr Lee told the news provider.

According to a recent post on the Auto Product Review blog by Amy, cleaning the rims with alloy wheel cleaners and some elbow grease is the best way of ensuring a great finish.

Posted by Simone Williams

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