Expert offers advice on treating bird dropping marks

Bird droppings can have a significant impact on a car's paint job but those who act quickly to get rid of them will not suffer too much damage.

According to Vlad Samarin, editor of, said that decisive action is vital and that all owners need to do to get rid of them initially is to spray them with water, leave them to soak and simply rub them off.

If there are any marks left from the acidity of the bird droppings, the expert stated that these can be treated using car exterior care solutions including car waxes.

"The stains left from bird droppings can be buffed off with the fine polishing compound and then covered with car wax," Mr Samarin added.

Similar advice was recently offered by Autoglym chief executive officer Paul Caller, who stated that drivers must act swiftly if they are to avoid dull patches on their bodywork as a result of bird faeces.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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