Expert offers advice on alloy wheel cleaning

It is important that drivers know everything about their alloys before they go out and buy an alloy wheel cleaner.

RL 'Bud' Abraham, detailing editor at Professional Carwashing and Detailing, said that it is vital to ascertain the type of wheels, the problem with them and then identify the correct chemicals and tools to restore their shine.

He gave an example of how to use alloy wheel cleaners, with a project he was working on involving original BMW wheels with a heavy concentration of brake dust on them.

The tools he employed were an alloy wheel cleaner, a wheel brush with stiff spokes and some steel wool.

After pressure washing the rims Mr Abraham applied wheel acid followed by a non-acidic alloy wheel cleaner, allowing the chemicals to work but not letting them dry.

Following this, he used the wheel brush to remove as much of the dust as possible from the flat areas before switching to a spoke brush for hard-to-reach places.

The process was then concluded by rinsing away the residue which was left on the alloys.

According to a post by Ouptike on the Great Quality Alloy Wheel blog, household chemicals should not be used in place of alloy wheel cleaners under any circumstances.

Posted by James Robson

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