Expert: Do interior detailing before exterior

Interior and exterior detailing are equally important, however, doing the former first is the best way forward, according to one expert.

Richard Hinson, former associate publisher and editorial director of AutoWeek, told the Detroit Free Press that tackling the cabin should be done first, as doing it the other way could create more work.

If the driver gets in the vehicle after using car shampoo, clay bars and car polishes on the outside, they are going to traipse mud and dirt into the interior and create more work for themselves.

Instead, motorists should apply car leather care products and other solutions and then make a start on the bodywork.

"Do the interior first so you aren't standing in water and dragging dirt into the interior after you've finished getting the outside clean," Mr Hinson told the news provider.

He went on to recommend that owners do not scrimp on getting the best car cleaning products they can afford.

"Get the best you can find because a good wash product removes bugs, bird droppings, grease and dirt," the expert noted.

The newspaper went on to discuss various other areas of car care with several experts, including classic car enthusiast Jerry Door, who warned owners to be careful when selecting wheel cleaners.

He stated that he is a fan of P21S Wheel Cleaner, which he said works well and is safe on alloys.

Gary Kohs, another motoring enthusiast, offered tips several tips as well, telling the source that motorists should invest in wash mitts and microfibre cloths and that they should always clean their vehicle in the shade and never in the sun.

Metro Canada writer Peter Doyle said recently that using the wrong interior detailing products can actually do more harm than good and drivers must be careful when selecting products.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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