Expert: Autoglym car wax offers great protection

With winter fast approaching drivers need to take steps to protect their cars against the elements, with car waxes among the items they should use.

Mark Shore of WMV Sales told the Montreal Gazette that Autoglym car waxes in particular are a good investment, as they outperform the competition and give paint all the protection it needs.

He stated that while most brands will only last for up to eight washes, Autoglym car waxes will remain on the paint for as many as 50.

"It's easy on, easy off and has a high durability," he told the newspaper.

The news provider went on to add that it is not just the bodywork which needs protecting, as the tyres and the interior must also be given some consideration.

Ian Hardwood, corporate sales and operations manager at Custom Truck Parts, told the Province recently that even cars which are being kept in storage for the winter need a coat of car wax before they are retired to the garage.

Posted by Matt Casson

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