Expats ‘flocking’ to £10,000 supercar spa

British expats living in Dubai are treating their supercars and luxury vehicles to the ultimate detailing experience – a week-long car spa costing up to £10,000.

The Daily Mail reports that these wealthy individuals are opting not to invest in a chamois leather, car shampoo and car waxes themselves and are instead paying Frederick Faidhi at Monza Ultimate Detailing and Protection to do the work for them.

According to the newspaper, it is the world's most-expensive car wash and British people living in the emirate represent a large part of the customer base.

Some people are bringing in vehicles which are fresh off the factory line for Mr Faidhi and his team of experts to work their magic on.

He told the newspaper: "In England it's unusual for young men aged between 18 and 30 to own a top-class sports car. But in Dubai because of the kind of wealth here you meet people like this every day."

"Our treatment is particularly popular with British petrol-heads, who understand the need to treat their super and luxury cars with the respect they deserve.

Among the jobs carried out by Mr Faidhi and his team are car leather care, ten glass polishes, headlight rejuvenations and upholstery waterproofing.

The £10,000 package is available to those who own their custom-built cars, with a more modest £6,000 deal open to people who drive prestigious executive cars such as BMWs and Mercedes.

It means that those with anything below this standard will have to invest in car waxes and car polishes and carry out the detailing job themselves.

"We only do high-end cars like Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Maserati, Lamborghinis and Ferraris," Mr Faidhi added.

Those planning on carrying out their own detailing work could find Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash and Shampoo treats their bodywork with all the tender-loving care it requires, Michael Stoops, from Meguiar's, told AOL Autos recently.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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