Dry steam cleaning and chemical-free products ‘can prevent gassing off in vehicles’

Drivers planning on giving their interior a thorough cleaning job have been offered some advice on how they can achieve a great look and protect their health at the same time.

Ricochet Dave, writing on the Ricochet's Rapid Detail blog, said that dry steam cleaning and biodegradable car interior care products are the best way forward.

By adopting both, drivers will find that their cabin is free of any chemicals, which will have positive implications for their health.

"Through combining dry steam cleaning with earth-friendly, natural and biodegradable products the interior of your vehicle will be chemical-free after the service. This prevents 'gassing off' of harmful products inside your vehicle when the weather gets hot," Dave added.

Graeme Fletcher, writing for the National Post, said that now is a good time to give the inside and outside of vehicles a thorough going over, with the engine the most important area to focus on followed by the bodywork and interior.

Posted by James Robson

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