Drivers urged to maintain tyres

The next time drivers use tyre cleaners they may want to give their rubber a thorough inspection after one expert claimed that many motorists are travelling around on tyres that are dangerous.

Waynne Smith, senior partner at, said that he recently walked around a car park and noted the condition of the tyres.

He stated that he was shocked at the state of some of them, claiming many were below the legal minimum with regards to tread length.

"Handling and braking efficiency is noticeably reduced at two millimetres depth in dry conditions and in the wet I recommend a minimum of three millimetres," Mr Smith said.

The expert went on to add that sidewall damage and cracking were common features on many of the tyres he inspected, stating that motorists are "just asking for a blowout".

A recent article recommended drivers invest in tyre cleaners to make the rubber look like new.

Posted by James Robson

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