Drivers ‘to be fined for throwing litter from vehicles’

Carrying out regular interior detailing and cleaning out the cabin could save drivers money, as new rules are to be enforced which will see them fined should any litter be thrown from their car.

Ministers are considering amending the existing laws which will see the driver of the car responsible for any rubbish thrown from it, whether it was them who did it or not.

Council officers will assume the power to fine motorists £80 based on the vehicle's number plate, while CCTV evidence may also be used to apprehend the perpetrator.

Charlotte Linacre, of the TaxPayer's Allowance, stated that the idea will heap more financial pressures on drivers who are already feeling the pinch.

"Motorists are already overtaxed. Councils have to make necessary spending cuts and there's plenty of fat to trim, they shouldn't look to plug gaps in their finances by ramping up charges on taxpayers," she added.

Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council, said regular cleaning will help protect the car and foster a sense of pride in the owner.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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