Drivers ‘should wax their cars in sections’

When it comes to using car wax properly, drivers should apply it
in sections, as this will ensure the best results.

According to Top Cool Cars, there is a methodology to waxing a
car and that following the correct processes closely will result in
a shiny and protected paint job.

To wax the car properly, drivers will need an applicator sponge,
a bucket of warm soapy water, car wax, a chamois leather, hose pipe and a soft clean
cotton cloth to use for buffing.

After washing the car and drying with a good quality microfibre
drying towel or chamois leather, a thin layer of wax should be
applied on the surface.

“It is better to work in sections to get good results, like
working on one section at a time and then move on to the next and
so on,” the blog added.

One wax which will do a good job every time is
Autoglym’s High Definition Wax

Writing for, Ben Groves, a freelance researcher and
writer, said that it produces a better shine than many other
products and that it is well worth the price.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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