Drivers ‘should use separate microfibre towels for each cleaning product’

When it comes to cleaning cars, drivers should use several different products, including tar remover, scratch remover and bug cleaner and to ensure the best results, they should use separate microfibre towels for each.

Christine Harrell, writing for US Wiping Materials, said that microfibre cloths are ubiquitous items and can be used for washing, drying and waxing.

One area where microfibre cloths are especially important is cleaning and treating chrome with chrome polish.

As chrome can eventually freckle and bubble it is essential for drivers to use a towel which will be kind to the surface but tough on dirt.

Ms Harrell goes on to add that whatever car exterior care product a motorist is working with, it is vital to use a clean microfibre cloth for each one.

"Separate microfibre towels should be used for each different cleaning product and type of surface, such as chrome, vinyl, paint and rubber," she added.

According to Gearlog, microfibre cloths designed for use on cars are not interchangeable with those which are meant to clean LCD screens and other equipment, as they are woven in different ways.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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