Drivers ‘should spring clean their interiors’

Spring is a good time to clean out a car and make it look and feel good and that means dedicating sufficient time and care to the cabin as well as the paint job.

According to a post on the Smithtown Acura blog, interior detailing is a job worth doing and is as important as detailing the exterior and getting rid of road salt and other contaminants from the body.

Drivers may wish to invest in car leather care solutions and other cleaners to ensure the cabin is a warm and pleasant place to be.

The source noted that it is easy for junk to build up in a car but taking the time to de-clutter the interior is "worth it" and drivers will benefit from the effort they put in.

According to a piece in the Daily Telegraph, doing a thorough cleaning job on the inside is vital if drivers are to get a good price when it comes to selling the motor.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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